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Thursday, August 13, 2009,6:00 PM

Chemistry. All files uploaded!
Chapter 2 Measurement & Experimental Techs
Chapter 3 Purification & Sepration Techs
Chapter 4 Elements, Compounds & Mixtures
Chapter 5 Atomic Structure
Chapter 6 Ionic Bonding
Chapter 7 Covalent & Metallic Bonding
Chapter 8 Writing Chemical Equations
Chapter 10 Chemical Calculations
Chapter 11 Acids, Bases & Salts
Chapter 12 Salts
Chapter 14 Metals
Energy Changes
Kinetic Particle Theory
Organic Chemistry
Speed of Reaction
The Mole

Balestier Hill Sec
Damai Sec
Deyi Sec
Fuhua Sec
Geylang Methodist Sec
Hougang Sec
Pioneer Sec
Queensway Sec
St Anthony's Canossian Sec
St Margaret's Sec
Unity Sec
Westwood Sec
ZhengHua Sec

Thursday, July 23, 2009,10:15 PM
Design for Class Tee.

Okay, I was told to this weeks ago but I've only completed it today. Hahahhahaahaa. Sorry lah! I got things to do okay! Not really lah. Lol. Yes, I very lazy -.-

Anyway, this is the only thing I can come up with. It's suppose to be on the right side of the shirt, do just invert it. I'm too lazy to invert it so yeah.

I know it's abit girly but I was only told to have a vine-like design and a 'not too girly' design. I wasn't really sure of what the guys actually want so I could only come up with this.

Oh and thanks to Siti and Jolene for some ideas ^.^

Anw, if you guys wanna edit some stuff on the design, go ahead.


Saturday, April 25, 2009,6:32 PM


Sunday, March 29, 2009,12:22 AM
Cross Country

Congratulations to :

Sharon- fifth
Jinyan- sixth
Ridzwana- tenth
Jacquelyn- eleventh

Lawrence- fifth

Thursday, March 26, 2009,7:22 PM

hey yoh ppl!!(:

tomorrow's cross country! good luck people! jia you okay!:D
aim for top 15 if possible!(:

P.S ( it's 40 days to mid-year) T.T

Friday, March 20, 2009,9:12 PM
Is this thing on?

Wait, does 4F even use this blog anymore?
It's like, dead alrdy.


Someone post smt up?

,8:43 PM
Class Tee Designs.

Okay so phyllis and some others (sry I cant rmb who) asked Jolene and me to do sm class tee designs drg the holidays and we've done it alrdy, so I'm here to let you guys have a sneak preview of our pieces.

Both, above, are Jolene's designs.
The one on the left is a puppet/ragdoll.
The one on top is for the front of the shirt, the one below, for the back.

The one at the centre is just basically, "4F".
For the front or back, I don't know.

These 3 designs, below, are mine.
You guys didn't exactly tell us what theme you guys wanted for the design. So I just scribbled whatever I liked. I know it's messy, but screw that, just take a look at them.

Okay, maybe this is too complex.
But whatever man.

I like this the most. It's kind of girly, but who caressssss.

Okay I don't really know who's in charge of this whole doing-class-tee thing, but uh, if you guys nd anything, just leave me a text/email .


Or, just come to me when sch reopens, which is in like, 2 days? -.-



xoxo, A


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